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Bride Ships: New Voyages with Jody Hedlund

Behind The Novels, Susan Jane
Susan Jane Anderson, signing contract with Sunrise Publishing

This writer’s dream-come-true took years and persistence. Here are some of my milestones along the way:

  • Master’s in professional writing from Towson University.
  • Church newsletter writer/editor.
  • Teacher of English and creative writing; curriculum writer and department chair.
  • Scholastic Press Association’s Publication Contest – Silver Award 2006 as faculty editor of high school student literary magazine.
  • Second Place in Harlequin’s “Be the Next Red Dress Ink Author” competition with a novel submission in 2001.
  • Published poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction in Chicken Soup for the Soul, World Enough Writers Anthology, Page & Spine, Wild Women’s Medicine Circle Journal, Decasp, and Teaching Tolerance Magazine.
  • Blogger
  • Finalist in Serious Writer’s Writer of the Year, 2019 Contest, Inspirational Romantic Suspense.
  • Writer of numerous full-length, completed manuscripts—the writer’s apprenticeship.
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